Recognize The Ups And Downs Of Marriage In Your Ceremony

Congratulations! It’s delightful. It’s delicious. It’s marvelous. You’re in love! It’s the stuff of life. Let’s get married.Hate to rain on your parade but you know of course that “in love” is only the beginning, and sometimes the middle and the end – of love. But it isn’t ALL OF LOVE. This is why couples who are getting married might like to inject into their wedding ceremony a note of realism. After all, we all know that “Love is not just champagne and roses!”

Ah darn.

How to you infuse that sober truth into your wedding, without it being a real downer? Well, rather than the traditional vows which – let’s face it – present a somewhat truncated overview of life’s ups and downs, brides and grooms inclined to face the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth might promise something like this, for example:

“I love you despite your flaws and bad-hair days; regardless of whether your snore wakes up the neighbors and gets the dogs and coyotes barking. I will love you when you are raging at the moon and sobbing into your beer. When you are acting too silly and embarrassing to bring to my work conferences, I will bring you anyway. I will love you when I hate you. I will love you when you start looking at other girls secretly, behind your sun-glasses. I will love you even when you get fat or fatter or skinny as a coat rack or when you go bald or balder. I will love you during the darkness and the light of our journey, over hill and over dale until you are gone, or I have gone. And then even after, I will love you.”

Now that’s a slice of life in a promise.

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