Wedding Ceremonies that Unite and Heal

Gay couple with a Justice of the Peace

One of the most significant parts of planning your wedding ceremony is determining what is said. You can write your own vows or ask your Justice of the Peace (or notary) to do so. Or, do it together! Professional marriage officiants are adept at talking with couples to elicit just the right information to be incorporated into the ceremony and achieve your vision. If you are struggling, they’re available to help you find your voice and create messaging that is all you!

Let the Sun Shine In

After a year of hardship and loss, consider your ceremony and its significance. Let your loved ones feel the warmth of your nuptials. The words you say can bring healing and sunshine to help overcome the hurt. This rings true if you will be live streaming your ceremony, or you’ll wait to have a mega wedding when social distancing is a vague memory. Either way, your loved ones will relish being part of the moment. If an intimate exchange of vows is more your style, consider sharing your words of affection on  your social media or notecard announcement.

What message do you want to say to each other? Being able to reflect on the difficulties and heartache that that you endured together can be meaningful. Is there someone that you want to remember? You can honor them by incorporating their memory into your ceremony. Your love and celebration of life will bring much-needed joy.

Reciprocal Love

No matter the size of your guest list, let your words create an intimate and emotional ceremony. Work with your officiant to convey heartfelt sentiment, and let your friends and family give back to you. Of course, if they are present you can build guests into the ceremony. But, even if together through Zoom or you share your special day after-the-fact through social media, create opportunities for your loved ones to give you love, too.

Let the focus of the future you are building together, based on love, guide you. If you need help finding the words, we have other articles about wedding vows to help. And don’t forget the professional JPs and Notaries on They are trained to help you make your day everything you dream of, and to do it safely.

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