Wedding Flowers: Fresh or Faux?

Flowers frame the bride: a crown of primroses, a comb of baby’s breath, and a bouquet of peonies. Aisle markers, garlands, corsages, boutonnieres, and baskets full of pedals complete the ceremony scene.

No budget for blooms? Allergic to annuals? Are you thinking you must forgo the flowers? No! Many brides are choosing faux over fresh.


First, let’s talk finances. For fresh flowers, couples spend an average of:

  • $100-$150 for floral crowns
  • $150-$350 for bride’s bouquet
  • $65-$125 for bridesmaids’ bouquets
  • $25-45 for boutonnieres
  • $32-$65 for corsages

And that doesn’t count the flower girl’s petals, the “tossing bouquet” or decorations!


Before taking out a wedding loan, [yes, it’s a thing] consider renting. Companies are popping up all over the country to address this need, using the highest quality silk for their flowers.

Here’s how it works. After finding a company online, click the website to see their options. Select a collection or a few pieces that meet your need to add to your cart. A few days before your wedding you will receive the flowers with a return slip. When you’re done with them, return the flowers back to the box, place the return slip on the top, and send them to the post office. Easy, peasy.

Here are examples of pricing to compare from one flower rental company:

  • $15 for floral crowns
  • $65 for the bride’s bouquet
  • $30 for bridesmaids’ bouquets
  • $5 for boutonnieres
  • $10 for corsages


If you want to purchase your silks, they can run twice the cost of renting, but are still less than fresh flowers and will be your keepsakes forever. The best advantage of this option is that you can have them custom made. Costs from 1 company, for example:

  • $28 for floral crowns
  • $125 for the bride’s bouquet
  • $45 for the those of the bridesmaids’
  • $10 for boutonnieres
  • $25 for corsages


Beyond budget, if you or someone close to you has allergies, using faux flowers takes that worry off the table, literally! If you’re concerned about your more discerning guests getting close enough to notice they aren’t real, use them in places not easily reached for a sniff or touch, such as in aisle markers at ground level, kissing balls on the ceiling, and garland over the arbor.


If you’re handy, make your own. Gather your bridesmaids and caravan to a craft store when silks are on sale. Using faux flowers opens up out-of-the-box opportunities. Select florals of higher quality, with thick stems and textured leaves. These look more real, and are better able to fool-the-eye.

  • Consider spray-painting them gold for a royal feel or silver for something more modern
  • Spray them with glitter to enhance the fairy-tale fantasy
  • Place them in tall, glass floor vases with water and submersible lighting to define the ceremony space
  • Add jewels, buttons, and bows in the center of each flower for an interesting detail

Whichever method you choose, keep in mind that faux flowers are sturdier and travel better than fresh flowers, especially important for destination weddings. They’re beautiful in photographs, and they don’t wilt. As an added bonus, you can get them far in advance of the ceremony, allowing you to check that task off your long list.

If you want some inspiration, ask your Justice of the Peace to share what he/she has seen over the years. Brainstorm about what feels right to you and then have some fun with flowers!

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Cindy Dumont is a Justice of the Peace in North Hampton, New Hampshire.

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