4 Reasons to Consider a Wedding for Just the Two of You

Weddings represent a rite of passage in most of our lives. They represent a turning point and a new dream of the future. Why then – on such an important occasion – would you choose a ceremony just for the two of you (and the wedding officiant)?

Here are the top four reasons why an intimate “just the two of you” wedding may be right for you.

1. A “just the two of you” wedding is affordable.

Fancy weddings can cost tens of thousands of dollars and in today’s uncertain economy saving for future major expenses may make more sense than spending a large sum on your wedding. Or, if you do have savings, you might decide to spend it on a dream honeymoon in Jamaica or Paris instead. In most states, the cost of a marriage license plus the fee of a Justice of the Peace will not exceed $300.

2. A “just the two of you” wedding is less stressful.

How many times have you heard a bride remark a week after her wedding that she barely remembers it? Here it is – her big day – and it remains a blur in her memory. This is usually due to stress and nerves. The bride and groom are like the hosts of a big party and may feel responsible for every minor and major detail. Did someone pick the Best Man up from the airport? Is Uncle Alfred drinking too much at the bar? Has someone reserved a parking space for the Justice of the Peace? A running list of worries and concerns can distract a couple from really enjoying this important day in their life together.

What could be more peaceful and stress-free than a simple ceremony in the back yard or the local park — or even Town Hall — during which your eyes and heart are focused on only one person – your bride or groom?

3. A “just the two of you” wedding avoids family conflicts.

A big family and many close friends are blessings except – possibly – when planning your wedding. You may feel pressure to make everyone happy and find a role for each special person in your life, but that can be impossible. Or acrimony within the family might deter you from bringing everyone together. One way to avoid hurting the feelings of your loved ones is to choose an intimate wedding – involving just the two of you – and delay the celebration with family and friends (or several celebrations) for another time.

4. A “just the two of you” wedding is romantic and beautiful.

Let’s paint a picture: A wedding on the beach at sunset, speaking vows you have lovingly written for each other, a retreat to a small private table at a harbor restaurant, bottle of champagne chilling in ice. What an idyllic, romantic scene – a dream wedding! But where is everyone else? They are wishing you well from a distance, respecting your desire to make this day sacred and intimate.

Your wedding day – for just the two of you.

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