I Do. Again and Again!

Are you a bride or groom having to choose whether to move forward with your wedding plans? Have you had to postpone and reconfigure?  If your answer is Yes, you’re not alone.

Two Ceremonies

Pandemic or not, couples have been celebrating their love and commitment more than once for a long time! In 1983, I got married in California. That is where I lived at the time. However, most of my family and friends were in New York. Want to know what we did?  We married twice! Two ceremonies, one on each coast. Double the fun, double the gifts, double the LOVE!

2020 has given us reason to approach weddings more creatively. There are rules and regulations that we must follow. I have found that it makes it easier to follow the rules when I remember that our safety and health is why they are needed.

So, I’m here to say, Don’t sweat it. It’s okay.  Have a small, safe ceremony now. Plan a larger, more elaborate wedding day for the future. Hopefully in 2021.

It’s okay to have two ceremonies, one for the smaller event in 2020 and one later.

Some Inspiration

You can use the same JP for both events. By then your JP will know you very well. Of course, both ceremonies would be customized to fit your needs.  Moreover, there are so many options for the second one! Your officiant will have traveled the journey with you. They will have historical perspective to tell your story of the first to second. Alternatively, you can recreate the initial ceremony so your guests can better envision what you experienced.

A Tip

Because of this year’s postponements, there will be many more weddings in 2021 than the norm. So, if you think that is when you’ll want to have your dream wedding, line up your vendors soon!

Then, enjoy your engagement.

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Sharon Curole is a JP in New Hampshire, and she officiates more than weddings! All life cycle events including funeral services, baby blessings, and milestone anniversaries. She is also a Reiki Master, which gives her couples extra comfort and love with a gentle touch. Sharon says she adores every moment of every wedding that she is honored to be part of. 

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