LGBTQ+ Welcoming Officiants

Having the right marriage officiant for your ceremony is important for all loving couples. This is especially true for same sex, queer, transgender or non-binary couples. While marriage equality is the law of the land, sadly some vendors didn’t get the message. Feeling safe and supported when planning your wedding is a must. Therefore, when selecting the person to lead the ceremony, it is reassuring for couples to know that they are welcomed and accepted before that first inquiry.

Feeling Safe and Supported

There are two aspects for consideration. First of all, it is vital that the JP or notary welcome all loving couples. Notaries and JPs who are members of the Justice of the Peace Association abide by a Code of Ethics. Our core values include love, inclusion and integrity. Discrimination is not tolerated. We are a group of professionals who embrace and advocate for diversity and inclusion. Hence, the officiants listed on can be relied upon to accept all love.

The other facet to look for is relatability. Notably, whether straight or gay, the ceremony is more fun when we gel. Don’t just take a name off a list. Check out what the officiants say about themselves and what services they provide. Look for details beyond the location of events or the writing of vows. What is their favorite aspect of officiating? Do they have a professional background or hobby that you can relate to? Perhaps they are also gay or have another affinity to same sex marriages. Before you make the first contact, see who you feel a connection with.

Look for an Ally

When choosing an officiant, don’t just focus on the written word. Have they incorporated photos or testimonials from same-sex couples? How have they conveyed their support? You aren’t looking for tolerance – you want an ally! To find your perfect officiant with integrity, search Furthermore, as professionals they will have many resources to make your day extraordinary.

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Loretta Jay is the Managing Member of the Justice of the Peace Association. This is the membership organization for professional marriage officiants. All officiants’ profiles are searchable at, the place where Couples who Click can find their perfect JP. 

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