Marriage Officiants do What?

Make your wedding ceremony meaningful with a professional officiant

So, you thought it was just reading a script and that was it, huh? Not so fast. While “counter marriages” are possible, they are not the norm. Even if you don’t want a big shindig, having a special marriage ceremony is not only doable, it is something to seek out. After all, you and the love you share are worth it!

Your Love Story

This is it! The big moment when you declare your love for one another to each other, your family and friends and the world. Married!

Think about how you and your fiancee first met.  Was it love at first sight? Or, did it take a while for each of you to come to your senses and recognize how absolutely amazing the other was. When were you absolutely certain they were the one for you? Sharing these little nuggets with your JP lets them personalize your ceremony. Bringing laughter and tears of joy to the day – priceless! A skilled officiant will capture your tale and make your ceremony unforgettable.


Your marriage vows are just one part of the ceremony. And there doesn’t need to be anything boilerplate about them. There are no rules about what you can or must say. In fact, you don’t need to say anything at all, as long as you affirm your intention to marry.  Whether you create your own or you work with your officiant, the words you say should be meaningful to you. This is another important skill of your justice of the peace. They will have the experience to both help you find your own words, or to craft them for you.


Of course you care what the fee for services is. Even so, this is not the place to shop for the bargain basement price. Focus on the services that your JP (or notary in Maine or Florida) will be providing. Unless you’ve been married many times before, there are aspects to your wedding ceremony that you likely hadn’t considered. You know the adage, you don’t know what you don’t know! With a pro, you can have confidence that your officiant knows!

In particular, think about what you are asking for. Professional presentation. A personalized ceremony. Responsiveness to your questions. Collaboration and investment in making your day all that you dream of? You want an officiant who loves what they do. Someone who is invested in making your day special. And who respects themselves enough to value their work.

The marriage ceremony is what we typically think about when considering a wedding officiant. And, that is of course a significant part of the day. In fact, the crucial duty of the officiant is processing the paperwork. Otherwise, technically, the marriage isn’t legal. It may seem trivial, but there are pitfalls. Having a pro take care of this gives important peace of mind.

When you are ready to find that perfect officiant for you, check out the officiants on Each one has personalized descriptions of the services provided, photos and testimonials from other happy couples!

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