Special Wedding Dates

It is understandable why certain wedding dates have unique appeal. For starters, special dates are easy to remember. (Hint – hint, come anniversary time.) When the numerical dates are symmetrical, there is a comforting aspect, too. Finally, not to be under-valued, well-balanced numbers can look smashing on wedding invitations or keepsake items. Plus, they are fun!

Twosdays: 2/2/22 or 2/22/22

If your lucky number is two, February is the month for you! February 2nd rolls right off the tongue. And, for a double-special date, February 22 even falls on a Tuesday – making it a Twosday Tuesday!

Palindrome Wedding Dates

Numbers that read the same backwards and forwards are called palindromes, and February 2022 is loaded with them. In addition to the 22nd, mentioned above, consider these:

2-20-22 * 2-21-22 * 2-23-22 * 2-24-22 * 2-25-22 * 2-26-22 * 2-27-22 * 2-28-22 * 2-29-22


Next year has some special dates, too.

  • February 3rd will play out as 2-3-23
  • March 2nd is 3-2-23
  • March 20-29, 2023 also create palindromes.


Some holidays may have special significance in the same way that numerical dates do. Valentine’s Day and New Year’s Eve (or Day) are a few. Plus, each couple may have other dates that hold particular meaning: birthdays, remembering loved ones, and even the date the couple met.

Indeed, no matter what date you select for your marriage ceremony, know that the wedding officiants on findaJP.com are professionals whose purpose is to help create your vision of your very special wedding day.

This article was updated and revised from the original, The Lure of Special Wedding Dates, posted in 2012.

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