The Lure of Special Wedding Dates

December 12, 2012 has come and gone leaving behind worldwide wedding records. From 540 in Singapore to 640 in NYC, couples rushed to tie the knot. Some estimates give the grand total at over 7,500 marriages in the U.S. The enormity of the effect can be seen by comparing it to December 12, 2011 when only 485 marriages took place. Had 12-12-12 been a Saturday or Sunday rather than a Wednesday, the total would surely have been larger.

If you missed the 12-12-12 boat, what are your options? There are only twelve months in a year so the next triple digit date will be 01-01-01. That’s 2101! If any of us are still kicking on that date, it’s unlikely we’ll be planning our nuptials. (But ya never know. Ninety may be the new sixty by then!) If you’re into magic numbers, the next best thing may be 11-12-13, a Tuesday, or 12-13-14, a Saturday. Better book your JP now!

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Readers, please leave a comment if you chose a special date for your wedding and tell us why.

Saul Haffner is a founder of the Justice of the Peace Association, He is a JP from Westport CT.



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