Unplugged Weddings

Capture the first kiss without photobombs

An unplugged ceremony is not about an acoustic guitar accompaniment – however lovely it would be. Having an unplugged wedding is a not-so-new trend. It means guests are asked to turn off all electronics. No texting. No posting to Instagram. And, no photos, either.

Just. Be. Present.

There are many reasons to ask wedding guests to put electronics away. Being present and focused on the special moment is certainly a worthwhile motivation. A no phones rule is one of the simplest ways to create an environment for all attendees to be mindful of the event. Encourage opportunities for your friends and family to observe their surroundings. To notice the details. You’ve worked so hard to achieve your vision. Let others experience it, too.


There are additional, more practical reasons to have a no-phones rule. Imagine. Finally, your amazing photographer’s email with the link to their photos arrived. Scrolling through to “the kiss” and. Um. Is that Aunt Betty’s bouffant? Yes, photobombed! While trying to capture the moment on her phone, she stood up, blocking the photographer. Other photos show guests watching through their phone screen. Jeez.

Or, as your officiant concludes the ceremony and introduces you as partners for life, a phone is buzzing away. Not quite the emotional climax you are striving for.

What to Do

First, decide what is right for you. For instance, you may choose to go all the way, and declare your ceremony completely unplugged. Or, alternatively, there are in-between steps you can take, too. Have signage as guests arrive letting them know what to expect. In addition, ask your JP or notary to make an announcement at the beginning of the ceremony.

  • Silence phones, please
  • Take your pics now (pose for pictures) and then let our photographer do the rest
  • Photos okay, but stay out of the aisles
  • Be respectful of our photographer
  • Please be present during this time and put all cameras and phones away

Your marriage officiant can talk with you about the pros and cons of the different options, and help you find the best plan that suits your style. Likewise, they’ll also have the right words to respectfully convey your wishes to your guests. The officiants listed on findaJP.com are professionals with the expertise to make your dream day come true.

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