Our Team

Loretta Jay
Managing Member

Loretta is excited to take on the family business. Her experience providing comprehensive program design, implementation and evaluation with Parasol, LLC is put to good use, building upon FindaJP/JPus’ strong foundation and growing its reach. Married by a JP, she and her husband Arkadiy have two kids in college. Loretta is on the Fairfield Connecticut Human Services Commission and led its disAbilities committee.

Atlantis Lacy
Web & Communications Specialist

Atlantis has been Loretta’s go-to guru for all things digital from the time they first worked together for Beyond Celiac in 2010. Her extensive experience developing websites, enhancing SEO (getting more Google hits), and improving communication including social media will make our sites and our services even better! Motivated to take on the inner workings of FindaJP and JPus, Atlantis is focusing on strengthening all aspects of the behind-the-scenes systems and improving communications. She lives in Philadelphia with her partner.



Cheryl Moran
Seamstress and Embroiderer

Cheryl is a stitches and thread gal. She has been JPus’ in-house seamstress for seven years, and the love she has for her trade shows in her elegant work. In addition to crafting our beautiful stoles and hankies, and doing all of their embroidery, she knits in her free time. Fittingly, Cheryl was married to her husband Bob by a JP. They live together with their two cats, Lokai and Mouse, in Connecticut.



Brenden Price
Administrative Assistant

Always looking out for our best, Brenden is happy to apply the skills he is learning as an IT major to enhance findaJP and JPus’ operations. For instance, some areas he focuses on include supporting social media efforts, online data entry and conducting research. Brenden attends Juniata College in Huntingdon, Pennsylvania.


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