Acceptable Use Enforcement

Protocol for Alleged Violations of the JPus Code of Ethics and Acceptable Use Policy

Membership in the Justice of the Peace Association is a privilege. The organization requires all of its members to abide by its Code of Ethics. If information is received that suggests a violation of the JPus Code of Ethics, the organization will conduct an investigation to ensure that the code is impartially enforced. JPus can only enforce the conduct of its members.

The following protocol will be followed if a situation arises that suggests a violation of the JPus Code of Ethics:

  • The Association will notify the member of the alleged violation and give the officiant the opportunity to respond to the allegations. A confidential, fact-based investigation will be performed.
  • If no violation was found to have occurred, the Association shall notify the member of this finding and that the matter is closed.
  • If it is determined that a violation did occur, the official responses may include a verbal or written warning, a temporary suspension or permanent cancelation of membership. JPus may also notify the member’s state authorizing body. The Association will provide a written notice to the member informing them of the outcome of the investigation.

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