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Updated June 12, 2020

The House of Representatives failed to secure a 2/3 majority to suspend its rules and allow the vote on HB1599 to go forward. The bill is stalled, for now. We will proceed with our planned Zoom call on Monday, June 15th (see below) to respond to any questions and prepare for next steps, if needed. All the behind-the-scenes details are here.

Special Marriage Officiant Bill

During the spring of 2020, the Special Marriage Officiant bill (HB1599) worked its way through the New Hampshire General Court, despite JPUs’ efforts to block it. We haven’t given up, though. To be successful and block the bill, we will need many state residents to contact their legislators and explain why this bill is problematic. Not just JPs, but their friends and family too.

We anticipate that the bill will be brought before the House of Representatives for a vote on June 11, 2020. And then after that, to the state Senate. There are 400 members in the House, and it is unlikely that we’d make much headway. For this reason, we are concentrating our efforts on the state Senate.

There are 24 state Senators in New Hampshire. With a concerted outreach, we can present our case and explain why the Special Marriage Officiant bill is misguided. Personal, one-on-one conversations will be the best way to influence the Senators and convince them to oppose this bill.

  • See these Talking Points to guide your conversations.
  • Join the Zoom call for support so you can contact your senator

Zoom Q&A: Monday, June 15, 2020 at Noon

Join our Zoom call to ask questions about this legislation. Learn about what has already transpired. Hear some tips for conversations with your state senator. This call is open to JPus members and non-members.

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