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Special Marriage Officiants

An Unfair Fight

Efforts to have meaningful conversations with members of the House of Representatives fell short. The majority of Democrats got in line behind the bill’s sponsor, Representative Renny Cushing. Although in private they acknowledged the bill’s shortcomings, almost none wanted to use any political capital on the matter. Then the pandemic struck, and process and procedure be gone! After a two month hiatus, the General Court resumed session and notification to constituents be damned. The bill passed with virtually no discussion.

Legislative Engagement

  • JPus submitted a written statement to the House Judiciary Committee in February.
  • Fiscally focused testimony to the House Ways & Means Committee on March 4th compelled a discussion between committee members
  • An Action Alert prepared JPus members to engage their senators, including a Zoom discussion
  • Another step to get ready, we developed Talking Points to support JPs’ conversations with their Senators.

Op-Ed in the Union Leader

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