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The following bills were submitted to the Massachusetts General Court in 2019:

  • S 1831  establishes a commission study to evaluate the One-Day rule (Cyr)
  • SD 941 increases application fees for 1-Dayers (Gobi)
  • SD 943 broadens JP’s advertising to include in “any public media” (Gobi)
  • S1833 increases the fees that JPs may charge to $120 in-town, and $180 for out-of-town ceremonies (DiDomenico). See JPus’ statement of support.


One-Day Rule:

Senator Cyr’s bill, S 1831, is in response to JPus’ white paper outlining the problems with the One-Day rule. The bill would develop a committee to evaluate the way the One-Day rule is being implemented. The Justice of the Peace Association and the MA Town Clerk Association would both be members of this committee. This is a very important piece of legislation if changes to this rule are to happen.

Senator Gobi’s bill, SD 941, is an effort to level the playing field between temporary officiants and professional JPs.

Professional JPs:

Both Senator Gobi’s SD 943 and Senator DiDomenico’s S 1833 support justices of the peace with how they conduct their professional business.

JPus submitted testimony in support of Senator DiDominico’s bill (S1833) to increase the fees that JPs may charge for solemnizing a marriage.

Co-sponsors needed:

This is YOUR opportunity to make change happen. Your state legislators will not fight for these pieces of legislation if you, their constituents, aren’t invested in them. Send a letter to your state Representatives and Senators and ask them to co-sponsor these important pieces of legislation.

Not sure who you Representative or Senator is? Find them here.

This member support article provides some how-to information and a template to write to your legislator. While all four of these bills are important, JPus is prioritizing Senator Cyr’s bill. We believe that this is the most effective way to have lasting change that will support our Massachusetts members.