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NH JPs networking event

Being a part of our community is just another benefit of being a JPus member. Conferences, networking, thoughtful discussion and training sessions, we do them all. The marriage officiants who join the Justice of the Peace Association are professionals like you. Being a member has perks, including the chance to connect and learn from each other. Zoom calls and networking opportunities let us figure out what is working. And, what is not. Tap into your network to learn and grow, and be the best officiant you can be!

Zoom Discussions

Since the pandemic, we’ve gone virtual! We meet most months, and alternate between noon and 6:00 pm sessions. Join us for JPus member exclusive Zooms. These are excellent opportunities to talk with each other and exchange points of view and strategies.

Webinars & Workshops


Our first conference for justices of the peace was held in 2005. Since that time, JPus has held engaging sessions to help marriage officiants enhance their services. As professionals, they are eager to expand their knowledge and learn tips of the trade. We’ve found that JPs love the networking opportunities and they are eager to share their knowledge with their colleagues.

Networking (in-person)

Our Networking page has both upcoming and previous in-person and virtual (Zoom) opportunities

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