Zoom: Getting Ready for Colder Weather

Staying safe during the pandemic. It is easier with the support of fellow members.

On Thursday, October 29, 2020 JPus members got together on Zoom to strategize the best ways to get ready for winter weddings. It was a great opportunity to talk with each other and exchange points of view.

Winter is Coming

Are you prepared for weddings during the cold-weather months?

  • Many officiants said that they would only do outdoor weddings. It is important to bring up this topic with couples when you first start communicating, so you don’t waste your time, or theirs.
  • Contracts or work agreements clarify expectations and prevent misunderstandings.
  • Handling scripts while wearing gloves wasn’t too much of a concern for most. Many said that they use a portfolio holder or put the pages of the written ceremony in a plastic sheet to make them easier to handle. Using a tablet was considered, too.
  • Gazebos provide good protection from the elements. Hiking to the ceremony spot provides a natural outdoor venue.


If the ceremony must be indoors, members are taking steps to reduce risk.

  • Stand farther away from others when inside.
  • Identify locations with adequate airflow. They are also teaming up with venues that take the pandemic seriously by restricting group sizes, social distancing. Some members are only agreeing to locations that they know well.
  • Nurture a back-up team. Get to know fellow officiants and identify a buddy with a similar style for added peace of mind

See the Recording

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