Forced & Child Marriage Webinar for Officiants

Spotting Signs of Forced & Child Marriage & Human Trafficking –
The Role of Marriage Officiants in the United States

Webinar for Marriage Officiants

Marriage officiants may confront forced marriage, child marriage or human trafficking in the course of their routine business. This free, one-hour webinar will help you recognize red flags and provide guidance so you are prepared with an appropriate response.

Forced and child marriage are significant, yet hidden, problems in the United States that impact women and girls from every socio-economic status, ethnic and religious background. Victims often face physical and psychological abuse, rape, denial of education and opportunity and minors threatened with forced marriage face increased vulnerability given their significant legal limitations which often restrict their access to services as well as their ability to leave home and seek help and protection.

The reasons for forced marriage are complex and varied, as some families may view forced marriage as a way to preserve culture and tradition, protect the family or the individual’s reputation, or to ensure economic security. Many also believe that marriage is truly in their child’s best interest. Underlying motivating factors often include control over female sexuality, gender inequality, and firmly held patriarchal values.

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JPus launched JPus.Training, our new learning center. The webinar, Spotting Signs of Forced and Child Marriage and Human Trafficking – the Role of Marriage officiants in the United States, is available.

This Training Covers

  • The nature and scope of forced and child marriage in the U.S.
  • The intersectional nature of forced marriage and other forms of abuse including domestic violence, child abuse, sexual assault, and human trafficking
  • How to differentiate between real Red Flags vs. Implicit Personal Bias
  • Best practices for ensuring both parties to a marriage are giving free and full consent
  • Guidance on how to build in natural opportunities for disclosure and resource sharing
  • Tips for handling tough conversations and how to balance potential protection with professional obligations
  • Where the national movement to end child marriage in the U.S. stands now and opportunities for engagement on advocacy and awareness raising


Resources Mentioned in Webinar

  • Have phone numbers available to share with individuals in need
  • Tip Sheet for marriage officiants about child and forced marriage and human trafficking – coming soon

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