Vermont Membership Rates

Find the right fit for your listing on This guide will help!

We’ll help you choose from one town, one region, or multiple regions. Even the entire state of Vermont! Use the guide below or mix and match towns and regions according to how much exposure you want on The higher-level plans include more towns, photos, and testimonials.

When purchasing a Vermont membership at,
please use coupon code VERMONT to receive a 50% discount at checkout.
Prices below reflect reduced rate.

Please note, the number of towns listed by name in each state are limited. For this reason, search directs couples to the general vicinity of each town providing coverage for the nearby areas.

Town by town options:

  • Select the Basic level: $37.50 for one town.
    To be listed in two towns is $55.
  • Select the Hometown+ level: $70 to be
    listed in 6 towns.

Get listed in the whole region?

Select the Neighborhood level and choose
all towns listed in region.

  • Northern Vermont: $150
  • Central Vermont: $200

Select the Hometown+ Level and choose all
towns listed in region.

  • Southern Vermont: $70

Is two (2) regions more your style?

Select Region Level and choose all the towns in:

  • Northern & Central Vermont: $287.50

Select Neighborhood Level and choose all the towns in:

  • Southern & Central Vermont: $237.50

Would you prefer to be listed in the entire state?

Two options for statewide coverage:

  •  Select the Region level: $317.50 and have 22 photos & 20
    testimonials on your profile.
  • Select the Ultimate level: $325 and have an unlimited
    number of photos & testimonials on your profile.

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