Marriage Equality

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Couples who love each other – that is what we’re all about! As such, embracing, supporting and protecting marriage equality is an important aspect of our advocacy efforts. JPus is proud to have been an early supporter of marriage equality. This hard-fought-for right was finally achieved following broad based advocacy. We feel strongly about promoting policies and protocols that value and support marriage equality. Count on us to be a voice, standing strong with our LGBTQ+ friends.
All members of the Justice of the Peace Association agree to abide by our Code of Ethics. This includes warmly welcoming same-sex and non-binary couples, without exception. This is who we are.

Gender Neutral Terms

In 2019 we realized that the terminology on Connecticut’s marriage licenses was not gender neutral. In effect, the state document conveyed an inhospitable tone for LGBTQ+ people within the legal document itself.  Promptly, the Justice of the Peace Association took action. It was a 19-month-long effort to change the statutes. But, we were successful!

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