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Good turnout at JPus’ Open Forum Zoom call on Monday evening, October 5, 2020. The conversation was lively and wide-ranging. Staying connected by Zoom has been a benefit of membership, and due to popular demand we’re increasing our events.

Open Forum

Surprises – when officiating they are not welcome, especially during COVID

  • Liz McGuire and Laura Minor both described showing up for what they thought would be outdoor ceremonies, but they were indoors.
  • Beth Siegelbaum suggested making statements to set expectations of what is required. For instance, instead of asking couples to wear masks, limit guests, or have ceremonies inside, tell them what you require.
  • Know the rules for your state and region.
  • Know the location – some members were surprised, or the couples changed plans last minute.

Outdoor Winter Weddings

  • Strategies for keeping warm were discussed. Stay tuned for a member support article, coming soon.
  • Start planning now and have local locations for a ceremony in mind to support couples 

Tips for mask comfort

  • Try different types of masks until you find the best fit for you
  • Tips to stop glasses from fogging up. Beth Sieglebaum shared this video. There are anti-fog drops for glasses, too.
  • Decorative (thin) mask on top of functional one.

What do you wear during weddings?

  • Pros and cons of robes vs conservative clothing
  • Members mentioned fun costumes or colors they wore at the request of couples – many times the couples pay for the outfit. Some agree it is fun, others are not interested.
  • Stories about different outfits (pewter for goth couple, sporting team theme, etc.)
  • Carol Roberts shared that she wears a robe so she can hide warm or cool clothing underneath it.
  • A festive shawl was mentioned. And of course, findaJP’s store has custom stoles.


  • See JPus’ member support article about blocking scammers
  • How to tell if they are real, so that you don’t accidentally ignore real couples. Suggestion to request a deposit to weed out the fakes. But don’t take any extra with the expectation of refunding the difference!

Bridal shows

  • Liz McGuire asked if others got clients when attending bridal shows. Heidi Keyes said she did not. Others agreed they weren’t worth the time or money. But, the networking with other vendors was fun.


  • Discussion about doing funerals, in addition to weddings. They bring joy, and a beauty celebrating a life. Do remember to include life cycle events on your findaJP profile.

Personal Websites

What to charge? 

  • What is covered in a JP’s services.
  • Charge more if you do more. Know your value.
  • Massachusetts statutes dictate fee schedule, but if you do extra it is billable
  • Know what is the going rate in your community. 

See the Video Recording

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