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Staying safe during the pandemic. It is easier with the support of fellow members.

On Tuesday, April 27, 2021, JPus members got together on Zoom to catch up after a season of winter weddings. It was nice to reconnect with friends and to see new faces.

Slowly, COVID restrictions are being lifted, gathering sizes are increasing and wedding venues are opening up. As couples plan postponed celebrations, officiants need to be prepared with strategies to guide ceremony decisions. Staying connected by Zoom is a membership benefit.

Lively Discussion

Performing marriages during the pandemic. It is easier with the support of fellow members.

★ The new CDC outdoor masking guidelines were released this morning. Members discussed how they apply to outdoor ceremonies and what was needed for each person to feel safe. Members expressed masking for their own comfort, rather than conforming to state mandates. (See JPus’ state-by-state guidelines for the latest COVID restrictions as they relate to weddings.)

★ It is important to convey your requirements to your couples, especially if they are for safety and comfort vs what is legally required.

★ Masking makes voice projection even more important. Particularly when outdoors or at a distance. Or near a waterfall!

★ How much to charge, and when to charge more. The conversation included Massachusetts fees and how to stay within the state’s mandated fee structure.

★ Different ways of accepting payment, along with the pros and cons of each, e.g. tax implications!

★ Use of Pinterest for vow inspiration. Both findaJP and JPus have active Pinterest boards. Check ’em out!

★ Members expressed both positive experiences with their live-streamed weddings, some happening around the globe, as well as some technical glitches that took up too much time. This article has info on live-streaming ceremonies. Read it so you are in the know, or share with your couples so they are prepared.

★ Requests for additional opportunities for members to identify a buddy with a similar style to be their back-up.

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