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Always looking to build relationships between officiants, or strengthen collaboration with our partners, networking is an important aspect of JPus.

Networking Between Officiants

Providing opportunities for JPs, notaries and other officiants to get to know each other promotes growth – and learning! Naturally, this helps our members do better ceremonies. Therefore, when we are able we hold networking social events at various locations. Since COVID, we Zoom! These gatherings provide opportunities for personal and more intimate conversations.


Before the pandemic, we got together in-person. We hope to resume these events when it is safe. Click on the links below to see a summary, photos or video of previous events.

In-Person with Clerks and State Officials

JPus frequently has information tables at Town Clerk conferences. At these statewide events we get to have one-on-one conversations with the town clerks who issue marriage licenses and process the marriage certificates that are submitted by the officiants. It’s nice to put a face with the name, especially in this day of email communication. Tourism and the Secretary of State’s offices are also partners. So, they are all invited to our networking events. Meeting in person whenever it is possible makes a difference!

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  • Since 2005, JPus has held conferences for secular marriage officiants. Learn about upcoming conferences and read about previous events here.