Wedding Boom

Managing the wedding boom with grace

Many of the postponed wedding ceremonies from the past two years have been rescheduled for 2022. Imagine that! Naturally, this is creating a wedding boom! Case in point, the Wedding Vault reports that there will be 15% more weddings this year! With so many others also planning nuptials, it is helpful to think through what steps you can take to make your planning go smoothly.


A wedding ceremony on a Tuesday night? Why not! Think about what aspect of your day is most important to you and where you don’t want to budge. Then, for the less important points, be flexible. For instance, if your heart is set on that particular venue, but they are sold out every weekend during the year, then accept a mid-week date. Or, if  you absolutely want a certain date because that is the anniversary of your first kiss, then be creative on the location. Don’t be afraid of outdoor spots, even in the colder winter months.


Money challenges are nothing new. If finances are tight, then think about where you can adjust so you don’t break the bank.

  • While there have been reports of weddings going big and showy as a pushback to the past two years, we’re still seeing plenty of microweddings and elopements. Certainly, keeping it small helps keep costs down.
  • Use our live streaming how-to to make it easy for  others to participate in the ceremony without the added cost of a growing headcount.
  • Skip the wedding planner and do it yourself. Pinterest has loads of guides. Another Pinterest gem is the wealth of DIY wedding decorating ideas.
  • No need for an expensive wedding venue, backyard weddings are lovely and cozy. Public spaces like parks or beaches are, too.


With an uptick in the number of weddings happening, vendors are busy too. Once you’ve selected the date, be sure to line up your vendors. Or, keep that date flexible so you can choose the vendors you want. Select your officiant on and they can help you navigate the other details. After all, without the officiant there is no ceremony. And then the day is just a fun party.

When planning your wedding ceremony, keep in mind that this is only one day of the rest of your lives together.  Work through the decisions with your partner and keep each other in check. Come up with a fun, catchy phrase that helps lower the temperature. Then, use it as a reminder if one of you gets stressed. In general, appreciate the value of simplicity and have fun!

However you decide to proceed, you can have confidence that the professionals on have experience and expertise to help you figure out what is right for you.

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