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Highlight your products and services with civil marriage officiants before, during and after the JPus 2021 virtual conference.

The Justice of the Peace Association is celebrating 20 years with a virtual conference. This event will bring together professional marriage officiants and town and city clerks who are eager to learn more about their profession and hone their skills. In addition to Sponsoring, which gets your brand in front of our attendees, we will host opportunities for Exhibitors to connect with attendees in interactive booths.

This is a unique opportunity to get in front of a very specific target audience. Join us and amplify your message. We encourage sponsors and exhibitors to sign up early. Conference traffic will begin on January 18 when Registration opens.

★  100-200 Attendees  ★  Targeted Audience  ★  Customized Control  ★

Sponsor Package $50

Exhibitor Package $100

  • Logo prominently placed on Conference Lobby and in logo carosel
  • Logo placement on JPus website’s Conference landing Page
  • Placement in logo carousel
  • Mentions in JPus social media posts
  • Link to your website
  • Invitation to submit event workshop proposal. See more here.

  • Host an interactive booth in Expo area with 1:1 chat capability
  • Logo placement on Conference Landing Page
  • Mentions in JPus social media posts
  • Collect lead information for follow-up later
  • Welcome video introducing your featured products or services
  • Share informational resources (PDF or Doc) with visitors to your exhibit
  • Link to your website
  • Invitation to submit event workshop proposal. See more here.


Sign up!

★ Questions or to purchase a Sponsorship or Exhibitor’s Booth, contact Loretta Jay at 203.255.7703 or email lorettajay at

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