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MA: 2019 Legislation

This page is not being updated. The following bills were submitted to the Massachusetts General Court in 2019: S 1831  establishes a commission study to evaluate the One-Day rule (Cyr) SD 941 increases application fees for 1-Dayers (Gobi) SD 943 broadens JP’s advertising to include in “any public media” (Gobi) S1833 increases the fees that JPs may charge to $120 in-town, and $180 for out-of-town ceremonies (DiDomenico). See JPus’ statement of support. Background: One-Day Rule: Senator Cyr’s bill, S 1831, is in response to JPus’ white paper outlining the problems with the One-Day rule. The bill would develop a committee to […]

Oppose Temporary Marriage Officiant in NH

Your Voice Counts! HOW TO SUBMIT TESTIMONY The New Hampshire legislature held public hearings about HB295-FN-A, an Act establishing a special marriage officiant license. JPus created this guide for JPs and town clerks, because the legislators needed to hear from stakeholders to get their perspective of this legislation. All the effort paid off, and the bill died without passing. Written Testimony You may submit written testimony by email to your own legislators so they are aware of your position. If you don’t know who your Senator is, click here. Please also send a copy of your testimony to JPus at so we can submit it to […]

Engaging Legislators

Updated September 13, 2021 This member support article is to help JPs and clerks advocate on issues that are important to them. As you may recall from our Schoolhouse Rock days, the process for a Bill (or Resolve) to become law is long. There are many important steps along the way where constituent involvement is important. How to Engage with your Legislator Our leaders are regular folks just like us. They got involved in politics to make the lives of their constituents better. They want to hear from you, and better understand what issues matter to you. When you make […]

Holiday Networking in MA

Make new connections and nurture opportunities! Mix and mingle with your fellow JPs and town clerks. We hope to see you at our Holiday Networking Event   **UPDATE: Event at Bertucci’s in Waltham, MA has been rescheduled. Stay-tuned for new date.**   Getting together with our colleagues creates new opportunities and connections – and it’s fun! JPs, town clerks and other stakeholders are all invited to attend. This will be a terrific opportunity to meet and connect with our fellow officiants, municipal and state leaders on a social level. Let’s build upon our shared interests and find new ones. Getting to know some of […]


We form strategic partnerships with individuals, groups and organizations that share our goal of supporting marriage officiants with the performance of their duties. Doing so allows us to broaden our strength and influence, and be a more effective leader and representative for our members. Public Agencies Secretary of State’s offices & Town Clerks The Secretary of State‘s offices and town clerks are important stakeholders to us, and our natural partners. Their role complements that of officiants in marriage’s legal process. Working together benefits all parties, because it improves communication. Connecting couples with our members is our core service. So, we are […]

Massachusetts JPs

Looking for a Massachusetts wedding officiant? Visit to learn more about Massachusetts wedding laws and to search for a Justice of the Peace. Becoming a JP In Massachusetts, a justice of the peace is appointed by the Governor for a seven year term and confirmed by the Governors Council. Each city/town is allowed one justice for every 5000 residents. In addition to affirming marriages, JPs may take affirmations, oaths, and depositions. Sometimes they may call meetings. Here is a summary of duties. Applications may be obtained from the Governor’s Council. Non-residents, including JPs from other states, can marry people in […]

Southern Coast, Maine

As the name suggests, the southern coast of Maine is located just over the New Hampshire border. The first town encountered when crossing the Memorial Bridge is Kittery, established in 1647 and the oldest town in the state.  Along the bucolic shoreline are beaches and then more beaches. Taken together with the art galleries and antique shops, there are countless nooks for an elopement. Not to mention the scenic shoreline with marinas and private clubs for a larger wedding affair. Unsure what is the right place for you? Let your notary know what you are looking for, and he or […]