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Asking for Testimonials

Including testimonials on your findaJP profile is a simple way to demonstrate to prospective couples that you can be trusted. They give you credibility. It isn't necessary that the testimonial have a wow-factor (though that doesn't necessarily hurt.) What you want to demonstrate is that other couples have worked with you and been pleased with your services. Overcoming awkward Some people feel uncomfortable asking couples for a reference. No need to be. The easiest way to get a testimonial is to just ask. After the wedding, send the couple a note. Ask them how they thought the ceremony went. Tell . . .

Adding a Membership Badge

Current Justice of the Peace Association members may display a JPus Membership Web Badge on their personal website, blog, social media account and email signature. [wcm_nonmember]The complete article is for JPus members only. If you have a membership, please log in. Purchase a membership here.[/wcm_nonmember][wcm_restrict plans="membership-plan-ultimate, membership-plan-region, membership-plan-neighborhood, membership-plan-hometown, membership-plan-basic"] Follow the instructions below to add a JPus Membership Badge to your account. Grab a Badge Visit the Membership Badge Page to get the badge. Please note that you must be logged in as a member to view this page. Select a badge size Add the badge to your site . . .