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Asking for Testimonials

Including testimonials on your findaJP profile is a simple way to demonstrate to prospective couples that you can be trusted. They give you credibility. It isn’t necessary that the testimonial have a wow-factor (though that doesn’t necessarily hurt.) What you want to demonstrate is that other couples have worked with you and been pleased with your services.

Overcoming awkward

Some people feel uncomfortable asking couples for a reference. No need to be.
The easiest way to get a testimonial is to just ask. After the wedding, send the couple a note. Ask them how they thought the ceremony went. Tell the couple that you’d like to use their comments on your findaJP profile. If they were pleased with your services most people will be happy to help you connect with new couples.

Use the testimonial space allowed

Content included in your testimonial will also improve your search engine results. Remember the lessons in our recent SEO article: content on your findaJP profile will show up in word searches as couples are looking for a wedding officiant. Therefore, be sure to include as many testimonials as your membership level allows. They will help engaged couples find you.

Include a photo too!

All testimonials posted on findaJP can have a photo alongside them. Putting a face to the voice makes the message more real for the person reading it. When you ask your couple for the testimonial, that is a good time to request a photo as well. The photo can be one of the couple from the special day, or one with you in the picture too.

Some language you can try

The following requests are intended to be a starting point. Select the one/s that feel like a good fit, reflecting your style. Modify them so they have your voice and personality.

  • I had such fun officiating your wedding! I hope that I’ve met your expectations. If so, I’d love it if you would please write me a testimonial that I can share on my profile? Thank you.
  • As you know I am a new JP. If you were happy with the service I provided I’d love it if you would please write me a brief recommendation that I can share on This will help me connect with more couples. Thank you!
  • It was a pleasure getting to know you both. I wish you a lifetime of love and happiness. I’m working on strengthening my profile on, and it would be wonderful if I could include a reference from you. Would you write one for me please? Something short and sweet would be perfect. Thank you!
  • It was my honor and privilege being able to witness you coming together on your momentous day. Your ceremony was special and memorable to me, too. I loved how we were able to involve your ___ so s/he felt connected. Your commitment to each other and family is apparent. I’d like to be able to reference your ceremony when working with other couples. Would you please provide a testimonial that I may share with other couples? Thank you.

If you receive feedback that isn’t 100% positive that is okay – use it as a learning opportunity so your next ceremony will be even better.