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JPus vs findaJP

When you are a member of the Justice of the Peace Association (JPus), there are two websites that are important to you. Understanding both, and how they interface with each other, will affect your success and satisfaction with your membership.

What’s the Difference?

All activity for Justice of the Peace Association (JPus) members takes place on The content on this website targets wedding officiants, our state and municipal partners, and organizations that share our advocacy goals.
Consider it your hub, loaded with content to help you market yourself and be the best officiant you can be.

  • Members should (ideally) be logged in when they are bouncing around the website, as there are members-only sections. That way, no information will be missed. Similarly, when renewing a membership, it is important to be logged in so the computer system “recognizes” you.
  • Our Member Support section (where this article sits) provides professional development, how-to tips and information to help you make the most of your JPus membership. More professional development is also parked in our Education and Networking section. And. our JPs by State section provides state-specific information about laws affecting officiants, JP manuals, and updates on JPus activity in each state.
  • Representing our members means speaking out to make sure that their voice is heard. We do this in the media, and through advocacy.
  • Because we don’t live in a silo, collaborating with others broadens our strength and influence. Our Partnerships page focuses on these important relationships.

All the content on is presented in a way that is beneficial to couples. When couples are searching for their perfect JP (or notary), they go to to view JPus member profiles. Couples can read about JPs, get a sense for the services provided, see photos and testimonials. Make that connection.
Above all, our goal is to help couples find their perfect officiant (you!). But we have other information that supports them, and improves our SEO: blog articles, wedding shop, information about JPs, and FAQs.
JPus members have a profile listed on where couples can learn about what they’d be like as their wedding officiant. The more information provided in one’s profile, the more likely a meaningful connection will be made. There are many ways that couples search for their perfect officiant on

  • Search engines (Google, Bing…) bring couples directly to a JPus member’s profile on findaJP. Another reason to keep your profile robust!
  • The home page’s search lets couples search by the town, county and state, or by officiant’s name.

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