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Be that One Connection

Couples Who Click, Click with Their Perfect Officiant

Most couples, when they reach out to an officiant on findaJP, only contact one. They read through the profiles until they feel a connection with a JP or notary. And then they send them a note or make a call.

We know this because when couples use the findaJP contact form, a copy is sent to JPus. Here is a sampling of recent messages. Note how they feel a connection to the JP before reaching out:

“I found you through this website and see you have a great background of yourself and great testimonials.”
“I read your testimonials and I would love to have you be the JOP for my wedding.”
“We were impressed with your profile and thought you might be a good fit for us!”
“Trying to find the perfect JP for our wedding next summer. I liked your profile. Would like to know what you charge and then go from there”
“Your bio was beautifully written! I am looking for someone with your personality and professionalism to marry us!”
“I read your bio and really liked what I read. My fiancé and I are both very awkward people who aren’t social butterflies and something about your bio really made me feel like you would help us getting out of that just enough to make it worth remembering without making us feel uncomfortable.”
“We love the poem you’ve listed and would like to talk to you about your availability and pricing for our wedding.”
“We looked over your pages and would love for you to officiate for us.”
“I was looking at justices of the peace in my area and you popped out, especially after reading about your candle light ceremony!”

These couples’ comments confirm what we’ve been telling our members: Let your personality shine through! Of course, you won’t appeal to every couple – and you wouldn’t want to, either. Weddings are more fun when you and the couple click. Let them recognize who you are and what makes you special in your profile. The rest will fall into place naturally.

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