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Engaging Legislators

Updated September 13, 2021

Credit: Schoolhouse Rock

This member support article is to help JPs and clerks advocate on issues that are important to them. As you may recall from our Schoolhouse Rock days, the process for a Bill (or Resolve) to become law is long. There are many important steps along the way where constituent involvement is important.

How to Engage with your Legislator

Our leaders are regular folks just like us. They got involved in politics to make the lives of their constituents better. They want to hear from you, and better understand what issues matter to you.

When you make contact always be respectful. Explain why you support or oppose the legislation in question. Below are sample scripts or emails with a format you may follow. Modify it so it has your voice.

Thank you for supporting issues that are important to civil marriage officiants.

Find Your Legislators

Follow the links for each state to find your legislators based on your home address:

Sample Phone Script to Legislators

When you call the legislator’s office, you will likely speak with an aide. These calls are carefully recorded and tracked.

Hello. My name is _________ and I live in the town/city of _______.  I am calling to ask the Representative/Senator to …

  • Be a cosponsor
  • Vote favorably out of Committee
  • Vote for/against the bill

I am a JP (or Town Clerk), and the reason this is important to me is…  Thank you for your consideration.

Sample Email to Legislators

Re: Specify the legislation by name and number

Dear Senator _____________ or Dear Representative _____________,
I live at (street name) in (town) and I am a Justice of the Peace. I am writing to ask you to _________________Explain why this matter is important to you. You can also state that you are a member of the Justice of the Peace Association.

Thank you for your consideration. I am available to discuss this further.
(Your name)
(Your email)
(Your phone number)
(Please copy lorettajay at on your correspondence)

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