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JP ReadingAt JPus, we spend a lot of energy bringing couples to, so they can find their perfect marriage officiant. Once they land on our pages, we don’t want to give them a reason to follow leads to other sites before they get a chance to learn more about you. We also want to avoid missed connection from couples who are ready to make contact. With that in mind, we encourage all members to follow the guidelines listed in this article when using links on or Following these tips will help all members attract more visitors, retain couples’ attention, and reduced missed contacts.

External Links on

Social Media and Personal Websites

We allow and encourage links on your Contact Me page of your profile. Here you can link to your social media accounts and your personal website, email address and up to three phone numbers. Placing external links in this area is also the best way to avoid missed connection with couples since it can be overlooked in the About Me or skipped completely when they click the Contact Me tab.

Third-Party Commercial Websites

We discourage reference or links to third-party commercial websites on members’ About Me. Doing so not only takes couples away from findaJP and away from your profile, but it also risks losing a contact. For this reason, if you would like to reference an award that you received, please do so without naming the website. Similarly, if you have testimonials elsewhere, please post them on your findaJP profile too. More information about you on your personal website? Terrific! Add it to your findaJP About Me section as well. This will help your SEO, and bring more people to your findaJP profile page.


The testimonials page is designed to show off the wonderful things couples say about you. Here you can let prospective couples learn how amazing you are with quotes from previous clients. Short and sweet, or a lengthy, heartfelt letter – you can post whatever you like. And include a photo of the couple too! The important thing is to keep the comments in this section. When couples visit your profile, they won’t feel overwhelmed and they’ll stay on your page longer!

Linking to and

Your JPus membership is more than just a listing on It is also an opportunity to stand out from the crowd. Your membership with JPus provides assurance that you are a qualified and experienced secular wedding officiant. As such, we urge members to take full advantage of their status and let everyone know they are a member of the Justice of the Peace Association. You can do this by including your credential as a JPus Member when you promote your services as a wedding officiant and by proudly displaying a JPus Member Badge on your site.

JPus Membership Badge

Adding a JPus membership badge to your personal webpage gives you additional credibility. Both for couples, and SEO. Likewise, Google and other search engines like the incoming and outgoing links, too. Use the JPus badge on your personal website, social media and marketing materials to demonstrate your affiliation with our professional association and compliance with the JPus Code of EthicsYou can even include it in your email’s signature.

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