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SEO Part 2: How to Improve Profile Visibility


SEO and Keywords

Keywords are a big part of every Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategy. An SEO Keyword refers to the words or phrases used so people can find a site when using search engines. It is important to use on-topic keywords when writing your findaJP profile. This is because keywords are yet another part of the very complicated algorithm that produces search rank. Search engines use things like keyword density (how often the word or phrase is used) and keyword relevancy (how important a word or phrase is compared to the site’s content) to help determine how closely related a search term is to your site.
Generating relevant content for couples on, and for our members on, provides ample opportunity to naturally increase both density and relevancy for these sites. But there is always more that you can do to drive couples to your page. Including terms (words or phrases) relevant to the services you provide will make your findaJP profile show up when couples are searching for that officiant.
Check out the the support articles below for additional instructions and tips for improving your profile.

SEO and Links

Acquiring high-quality inbound links to your site and participating in link exchanges are common SEO strategies. Fortunately for JPus members, all the SEO improvements we make to and also help search engines identify us as an authority for subjects that involve Justices of the Peace, Notaries, and other wedding officiants. This means a link from us to web sites focusing on similar subjects will have a greater impact and improve that site’s overall search rank. This makes an inbound link from to your personal website a valuable connection. It is worth the effort!
Members’ Tip:
Your Professional Listing provides the perfect place to include links. If you are running your own site or social media account to promote your services, it is a good idea to include a link to them on your profile in the designated link fields.
We also encourage members to include a link back to or from their personal website or social media account. Not only does this improve findaJP’s search engine ranking, but we also love seeing members taking pride in their professional association and showing it off! We have even setup a member’s badge to make it easier to share. Instructions to do so are here.


Every JPus Association Membership includes a professional listing on, the place where couples who click go to find their perfect marriage officiant. This listing amplifies your online presence and connects you to more potential clients. Having a more complete profile helps couples searching for officiants on get to know you better. It also gives search engines more content about you. This brings more couples to your page!
In the next article of this series, SEO Part 3, we will review the role Directory Listings have on search rank. If you would like to learn more about SEO and the strategies JPus uses to improve and manage search results, please read SEO Part 1: How JPus Improves Search Engine Results.