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JPus Org vs Training

It was exciting when the Justice of the Peace Association announced its new Learning Center, but it also created some confusion. This article is to help users of our websites, and JPus.Training, understand the difference between the two. We expect that this will help you have a better experience.

All of the information on and JPus.Training targets marriage officiants. The information on targets couples. is the Justice of the Peace Association’s home. It is where professional marriage officiants go to belong to an organization that represents their needs. Member benefits include professional development, advocacy, representation, networking, and connections with couples on This article is one of many member support articles available on The sidebar to the right of the screen (or below on a mobile device) lists other articles and topics that we’ve written about.

Activities on


JPus.Training is the online learning center for marriage officiants. While it was developed to provide professional development for members of the Justice of the Peace Association, learning opportunities are available for all marriage officiants. Separate login credentials are needed that only work on JPus.Training. This is because it is a separate website than Therefore, to take courses a different registration is required.

Activities on JPus.Training

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