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Life Cycle Events and Milestones

Promote all the services you provide. Include life cycle (or Rites of Passage) events in your profile!
To attract more contacts, add a section to the About Me section of your profile that includes Life Cycle events. First, keep the primary focus on nuptials. But then, if you lead other ceremonies, let visitors to your page know it! Search engines will find you when someone is looking for these other services. In addition, couples who look for you to officiate their wedding might come back to you for future needs too.

Baby Blessings, Namings and Adoptions

Oftentimes, after couples marry, growing the family is the next life cycle event. If running a baby blessing ceremony, or facilitating a baby naming or adoption celebration is up your alley be sure to include a paragraph in your About Me section that mentions these additional services.

Funerals, Memorial Services and End-of-Life Celebrations

Let visitors to your page know that you will lead a service that recognizes and celebrates their loved-one’s life. Will you meet with the family to make a plan? Say a prayer? Do a graveside service or lead the memorial reception? If you’ll manage the particulars, let the bereaved family know, so they don’t have to.

Coming of Age * Retirement * Life Tributes * Family Reunions * New Home Ceremony

Whatever life cycle event is your specialty, be sure to include information about your services in your About Me section. Many families are culturally religious, meaning they practice religious traditions but don’t belong to a formal religious organization. Like weddings, they may choose to incorporate some aspect of their heritage in rituals, but they will be looking for a secular celebrant. Therefore, if you have experience with a particular ritual be sure to say so!
Some religious traditions that may call for a celebrant or officiant:

  • Judaism: Brit Bat/Simchat Bat (baby naming) or Brit Shalom (bris without circumcision), and Bat/Bar Mitzvah ceremonies can also be held independent of a religious organization
  • Hinduism: Ceremonies are oftentimes in the family’s home, and like other religions the primary life cycle events that are celebrated are birth, childhood, marriage, and death
  • Humanists: Celebrants typically lead life cycle rituals
  • Islam: Shahada marks one’s entry into Muslim life

Key Words to Use on Your findaJP Profile to Improve Search Engine Optimization (SEO):  Officiant, Lifecycle, Celebrant, Funeral, Milestone, Wedding, Adoption, Baby naming…