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Make Your JP Listing Shine!

Your JPus membership lets you create a personalized listing on – where Couples who Click can find you! Are you taking advantage of all that this listing offers? We hope so! Your listing is set up so it is like having your very own website. Having a more complete profile helps couples get to know you and also gives the search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo!) material to get hits – which brings couples to your page! When you look good, we look good too. So we want to help you stand out from the crowd.

This article helps you know what to say in your profile. If you need help making the actual changes, we have an article here with step-by-step how-to guidance.

About Me

We offer unlimited space to show your best self to prospective couples. It’s up to you to make that space count! Beyond the basics (name and contact information), every JP has something to say even if they are newly appointed. Why did you become a JP? The reasons might be worth mentioning. What do you do that is lovely and unique? Highlight these aspects about you and your role as an officiant so they stand out. What else about you makes you special?

  • Do you write custom wedding vows for the couple? Help them write their own?
  • Is your day job relevant? Do you have an educational or professional background that couples may find beneficial?
  • How does your culture or ethnicity influence your ceremonies?
  • Do you have an affinity for interfaith or same sex marriages?
  • Are you a writer or poet, artist or musician, florist or photographer – and will your expertise attract certain couples?
  • Do your hiking, skiing, sailing or parachuting skills qualify you to officiate at unusual ceremonies? Don’t be shy about your talents!
  • You can even mention your family, and let couples know a bit about you outside of your wedding officiant role.

If you provide life-cycle event services, be sure to mention this in this section too. This article has more guidance to help you with your messaging about life cycle services.
At our 2017 Conference Peter Merry presented on Finding Your Unique Voice. See a clip from his talk here. You’ve got a safety net on JPus because you can change your text as often as you like. As you think of more subjects or ideas you can add them to your profile.


Photos complement your About Me listing. They let couples see you in action and better envision what their own ceremony might be like with you as their officiant. The number of photos you may include in your listing depends on your membership level. All levels, including Basic, include:

  • A profile picture
  • A wedding picture (ideally one with you and a couple together)
  • A photo to accompany a couple’s testimonial
  • A banner photo (we provide some to choose from, but you can customize this too!)
  • A video

Hometown+ and higher-level memberships allow you to include multiple photos and testimonials. To see the membership options and how many photos you can include in each click here. 
If you are having difficulties uploading photos, this article offers guidance.


Let prospective couples know how much other couples loved having you as their JP. Include a quote from the couple, and their names too. There is a spot for each testimonial to be accompanied by a photo, so having a picture of you with the complimenting couple is ideal. Similar to the process for photos, higher level memberships allow more testimonials to be included.

Basic Information

This section has important contact information for Admins at JPus, but also includes a spot for you to indicate languages spoken, and other qualities you may like to share with couples.

External Links

If you’d like couples to contact you through social media, or if you’ve got your own website, be sure to include the links here. Don’t include them in your About Me section, as they might get lost. These external links will populate the Contact Me page that couples use, making it easier to reach you.

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