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Managing Your JPus Membership Subscription

The JPus and findaJP website rebuild comes with some long-awaited new features. Accordingly, we have new terminology and processes. This article is intended to help our members understand some of these exciting opportunities.

Membership vs. Subscription


Naturally, by definition, all JPus members have a membership. This means that members belong to the Association. Benefits are only afforded to active members. This includes Member Profiles and hidden information that is only reserved for members. Therefore, it is important that members are logged into the site when visiting. Memberships are annual, and need to be renewed each year. Memberships do not go by the calendar year, but rather by the date of subscription.


When an officiant joins JPus, they purchase an annual subscription for a Membership. The subscription is the process, and payment, that a member makes to join. It lasts for the duration of the membership, from the date of purchase. Through the subscription members have access to their individual profile. They can also log in to renew their membership. Members with an expired subscription can still access their dashboards and account page to renew, but no longer have a published profile on findaJP and can no longer access member only areas or services.

Upgrade & Switching

An upgrade is for making a change during your current membership term. It can be used to a) switch towns within your current membership level, b) Increase your membership level to add more towns in your current plan, or c) upgrade a town to featured.


Plan upgrades may be made at any time during the subscription year. Upgrades include:

  • Increasing your membership plan level
  • Adding extra towns
  • Upgrading to be a Featured JP

Each upgrade requires a gap payment to cover the difference between plans. Memberships are pro-rated: A credit is automatically applied to the balance owed. After making your selections, pay online using your credit card or PayPal, by Venmo or check.


Now, members have the option to have their membership subscription renew automatically. Importantly, this will prevent accidental lapses so you don’t miss couple contacts. Additionally, you save time.

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