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Profile Neglect

Have you become complacent with your findaJP profile? It ain’t broke, so don’t fix it mindset? Not so fast.

When was the last time you updated your About Me? When you first joined JPus? Yikes! Think about all the weddings you’ve done since then. How much you’ve learned. You’ve surely got more to say. It’s probably time to give your personalized profile a little love.

SEO Likes Change

  • Your profile on acts as your own website, bringing couples searching on Google directly to you.  But, keeping it updated helps too. When your pages are updated on findaJP, the bots stop by to index the content. And this helps your SEO.
  • Keywords are important. Include quality content that answers questions that couples have. Explain what services you provide and let keywords enter your write-up naturally.

Stay Current

Let your experience show. Revisit your About Me and give it more depth.
  • Give a nod to something that you do with couples that is special to you. Have you developed a niche?
  • Talk about what services you provide. Do you meet with couples in person to get to know them and personalize vows? Maybe you provide a keepsake marriage certificate.
  • Are you ready to try lifecycle events (baby naming, vow renewals, memorial services)?
  • Has your non-officiant career changed? Maybe you’ve retired, so you are more available to do weddings.
  • Include hobbies. Are you the latest pickleball champ on the circuit? Or is gardening, poetry writing or photography more your thing? Incorporate these interests into your profile. And if your interests relate to officiating (poets write great vows!), by all means help the reader see how it all relates.
Photos and Testimonials
  • When is the last time you updated your profile photo? Use a picture that is current, in focus and shows off your best features. Got a new haircut? Get a new photo, too. Having a headshot that represents an accurate picture of you helps build trust with couples.
  • Take a look at your testimonials. They may be spectacular, but are they dated? Pun intended. If couples mentioned the date of their wedding, and that was some time ago, edit the review by removing the date of the ceremony. Or, just replace it with a more recent one.
So, you get the idea. The point is that your About Me should be a work in progress. As you grow and develop your skills and experience, your profile should reflect that too.

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