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Training Registration & Enrollment

JPus.Training, the Learning Center for Marriage Officiants

We recently announced the launch of JPus.Training, our new Learning Center where marriage officiants go to learn. We are excited to offer training opportunities for marriage officiants. And, to help us be even better, we welcome members’ suggestions for future topics to cover. To help fast track registration and enrollment please follow the guide below.

Step 1: Registration

First, it is important to note that JPus.Training is a separate website compared to So, even if you are a member of, you will need to create a new registration on the Learning Center site. We encourage JPus members to create the same user ID and password on the training site as the main JPus site. This will avoid confusion.
Though there are opportunities to register when signing up for a specific course, we recommend registering first. This way you will be ready to enroll in any of our free courses just by logging in and selecting it on the available training page.

  • Click on “Register for Training” and complete the requested information. Be sure to make note of your username and password for future use. After registering, you will automatically be brought to the Available Training Page. This is where you can see all of the offered courses.

Step 2: Enroll

Once you have registered you are ready to take your first training course. When appropriate, the online training courses will offer a certificate of completion.

  • To enroll in a course, go to the Available Training page and click the course you want to take. Then, click “Enroll Here”. This will take you to the main landing page for the course you are enrolled in. From that point you can access the training content associated with the training course. This includes lessons (e.g. slideshow or video presentations), additional training materials, and after you complete the course, your new certificate.

Step 3: Learn

After enrolling in a training course, you will automatically be redirected to the main landing page for that course. Your courses’ landing pages can also be accessed by visiting your Training Account Page.
To begin training, go to the landing page for the course (if not automatically redirected) and click the blue circle in the box at the bottom of the page, under Training Content.

Step 4: Feedback (optional)

Because we are still developing this website site, users’ feedback is essential. This will help us improve. Although we’ve started with just a couple of courses, we intend to have additional learning opportunities. Therefore, after you’ve taken a training course, please consider completing our feedback form so we can continue to improve the learning experience for you and all of our members.

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