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Which Membership Level for Me?

The Justice of the Peace Association is driven to help our members succeed. First identify your professional goals. Then follow this guide to help determine which membership level is right for you.

Evaluate Your Needs

Whether you are a new member and just joining our ranks, or have been with us from the early days, it is always good to evaluate your needs to make sure you are getting what you need.
Marriage officiants join the Justice of the Peace Association to stay up-to-date with news and training, and be on top of local and regional practices. We help the professional stay current on issues and opportunities, and also assist in personal advancement.

★ Professional Development ★ Networking ★ Advocacy ★ Training ★ Couple Connections ★ News & Information ★

All levels of membership include professional development; opportunities to network with colleagues; representation and protection of the practice; and connection with couples on Members know that they can count on JPus to advocate for the profession and on relevant social issues. Having the assurance that we’re managing advocacy lets members focus their attention on being the perfect officiant for their loving couples. The many couple contacts that members get is an added bonus.

Promote Yourself on

Basic Level

The Basic level membership provides all of the benefits listed above. It is for those who want to belong to our professional organization and receive the value and prestige that it offers. With it comes a listing on, in the member’s hometown. Each listing includes unlimited space on the About Me. In addition, a customized banner image, photo and testimonial, your phone and email contact information, link/s to personal website and social media pages.

Hometown+, Neighborhood, Region, Ultimate

The higher level memberships provide all of the above, plus more connections with couples. These are ideal for officiants who want to take advantage of findaJP’s excellent SEO. This is ideal for officiants who want to focus their business on connecting with more couples. The return on investment (ROI) increases at higher level memberships. Meaning, the average cost per couple contact goes down considerably the more towns you are listed in. You can see the different membership levels here.
Each membership level increase also provides additional perks to your findaJP profile. In addition to listings in extra towns, members are afforded more photos, testimonials and they get placed higher on the town listing pages.

Featured JPs

Being featured  gives your photo a gold star and a “featured” title setting it apart from others. In addition, you’ll also be placed higher up on the listing of JPs in your town. We use an algorithm for sequencing members on each town’s listing based on membership level and hometown.

Please don’t discount the value of a strong profile. We’ve learned from experience that couples on findaJP typically don’t shop around. More often, they read through member profiles until they feel a connection. Then, they write to just that one officiant.

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