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Month: April 2020

Coronavirus Update #2

Support for marriage officiants during COVID-19As we enter the third week of distancing ourselves from each other, it is becoming clearer that we’re in this for the long haul. There will not be a quick fix, and how we navigate our new normal will affect our own personal health and safety, as well as that of our loved ones and community.
This pandemic is testing our resolve, and that of our communities. Marriage officiants must confront this reality and consider multiple factors.

Physical safety and community health

Whether it is our own personal health, or that of our loved ones, safety must come first. Similarly, recognizing our personal responsibility to limit the spread of this deadly virus is critical. Content on our COVID-19 resources page is continuously being updated and has links to reputable sources with information.

Performing marriages

We recognize that some marriages are essential. Accessing health insurance coverage is a benefit that for many can only be secured through marriage. This need will only increase as millions lose their job because of this crisis. Military deployments and legal rights that come through marriage are other reasons. Our lives feel uncertain, and the pandemic is forcing people to confront their mortality. Marrying one’s love can give a huge sense of comfort and alleviate anxiety about the future.
For marriages to take place during Stay Home orders, there must be an acknowledgement and coordination between state and municipal governments, and officiants who are able and willing to perform them. See JPus’ article about closed town buildings that has state-by-state information. We also have 5 Things to Do if performing weddings during this time. Not to be repetitive, but the COVID-19 page is the centralized hub for up-to-date information.
You may also choose to let your couples know about findaJP’s new COVID-19 page which has resources specifically for them.

Staying Connected

I’ve been reading about different ways to think about social distancing. A better term is physical distancing, because that is what we all must do. Nonetheless, maintaining our social connections is imperative, for our own well-being, and to help us navigate these challenging circumstances. This Friday, April 3rd, JPus is hosting our first members-only Zoom happy hour! It will be held from 6:00-7:00 EST. We’ll start with Q&A, so you can ask questions of the JPus team and fellow officiants, and of course networking too. Details and login information are available on this page. Please note that because it is for members only, you must be logged into JPus to access the information on the page.
Please know that JPus continues our work to support you during these unprecedented times.
Be well and safe,
Loretta Jay
JPus Managing Member

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