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Announcement Topic: Survey

Survey – Ceremony Length

Let’s hear from the pros who perform weddings. How long do you think a marriage ceremony should be? Please respond to our survey and we’ll include the results in an upcoming blog article for couples.


Survey – Officiant Qualifications & Appointments

Each state has a different process to appoint marriage officiants. We frequently hear about problems in Connecticut. There, justice of the peace appointments are political – even though there is nothing political about the role. The resulting problems are multifold, as evidenced by the many complaints reported to JPus from our members. In response, JPus is working with legislators and the Secretary of the State’s office and interviewing stakeholders. The plan is to formulate the research into a white paper to enact legislative change.

A related matter is qualifications – especially when comparing professionals with amateurs officiants.  At JPus we oftentimes hear from members who suggest that training should be required before someone performs a wedding. Please tell us your opinion by completing our survey.

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