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Coronavirus Update #5

COVID Upticks: Be Prepared

As the weather gets colder, health officials anticipate the coronavirus will spread more aggressively and faster. Indoor spaces and group gatherings are prime areas for the virus to thrive, and infect more people. Data has shown that private gatherings are high-risk settings. Governors have again increased restrictions, and fines are now being imposed.
Weddings, even the small backyard type, can become spreader-events. We need to remain diligent, despite covid-fatigue. In addition, as professional marriage officiants, we are leaders and influencers. During the wedding ceremony, all eyes are on us. Inherent in our role is to help couples make the safe decisions.

What is Your Plan?

Each of us has a personal responsibility to keep the virus in check. This includes assessing our own (or family members’) risk factors, and making personal decisions accordingly. Once you’ve made your own choices, be prepared to support your couples with implementation. Be ready with a selection of possible outdoor spots for a ceremony. Know what you’ll wear to stay warm. What if there is inclement weather? Identifying potential hiccups ahead of time will avoid on-the-spot dilemmas that put you or others at risk.
JPus has guidance for you on these questions and more. Our goal is to support members so you can continue to perform marriages, and also stay safe. See the links below.

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