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Website Updates Coming Soon

In order to keep up with current technology and security measures, JPus is launching a new website version of and The primary purpose of this update is to improve the websites’ performance, speed, and security. It will also make it easier for administrators (Loretta and Atlantis) to manage all the different components. For this reason, changes to the general appearance will be minor. Stay tuned for an announcement of an official launch date in the near future. For now, read more about the upcoming updates below.

Front-End Updates

There will NOT be a full visual redesign of findaJP and JPus included in this update. Instead, we plan to preserve as much of the current appearance and content as possible, allowing us to focus on updates that will improve site performance and user experience. Changes to the appearance of these sites will be limited to updates that will improve and’s readability and performance.

Back-End Updates

This update WILL involve major improvements to the back-end of our sites, including our membership system. These improvements will make it easier for members to manage membership details, public profiles, and contacts. The updates will also include improvements to the profile search used on Our goal is to make it easier for couples to find and contact members. Additional improvements included in this update will cover site security. Further integration of our SEO efforts will also be provided. Since we will be updating the membership system, members-only areas will experience appearance changes.
During the update process we are working hard to ensure minimal inconvenience for our members and visitors to findaJP and JPus. Please keep an eye out for additional updates regarding these updates by visiting our Announcements page or by following our Facebook group.

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