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Revised Code of Ethics

We are pleased to announce that the Justice of the Peace Association’s Code of Ethics has been revised and updated to better reflect our organization’s values. The Code of Ethics sets the standards of conduct and makes clear what the expectations are for professional marriage officiants who choose to belong to our association.
The language we’ve always used required members to act in clients’ best interest and in ways that reflect favorably on themself and others. Even so, we saw a need to be more explicit. This update is just one aspect of our efforts to be a part of the solution to eradicate racism and discrimination.
At the onset, we strove to be transparent and involve membership in the process. Therefore, on June 8th we invited members to review and comment on a draft version of the revised Code of Ethics. This was done by posting an announcement on the JPus website, by email, and through our social media accounts. Every comment and suggestion was thoughtfully considered. During our process we differentiated between a code of conduct and best practices. Guidance on best practices is offered through professional development and training material. Thank you to everyone who took the time to provide feedback. We appreciate both the voices of confidence, and the tips for improvement.

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