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Survey: Friends and Family

One of the nice things about being a part of a professional membership association is the connectedness with fellow JPs and notaries. We share stories. We hear about the good – and the not-so-good. We learn and we grow and we benefit. One such story is the officiant who performs a ceremony for their family member. As an example, perhaps you’ve noticed the photo to the right, which is also on this website’s homepage slider. This is our co-founder, Saul Haffner, officiating at his granddaughter Abby’s wedding to Mike. This opportunity gave Saul so much joy, and Abby treasures the memory.

When Saul did Abby’s wedding, he was already a pro. Alternatively, sometimes the officiant is a newbie. They are either so overcome with the love that they get hooked and continue performing weddings for others. Or, was it a once-was-enough, been there, done that?

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We’d like to quantify these subjective stories. Whether or not you’ve performed a wedding for a friend or family member, please complete our survey.

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